Our goal is always to become a valuable partner to our clients by providing quality water treatment services that save water, energy, and money, while making water management simple for you. You can count on our services, which includes:

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Water Treatment Equipment

The right equipment is essential for an effective water treatment program. Through initial analysis, our use of only the highest quality equipment, and regular maintenance provided by our experienced technicians, Tosstech helps you maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

Water Treatment Services

Tosstech provides comprehensive water management services, including initial analysis, equipment installation, and ongoing treatment. With everything you need covered under a flat-rate structure, we’re the no-surprise water management partner you’re looking for.

Commercial Plumbing

Whether providing ongoing consultation as part of our complete water management solution or helping a facility navigate a treatment problem they are experiencing, Water Engineering provides the experience, agility, and service you need to stay efficient.

Service / Support

Our cornerstone at Tosstech Engineering Solutions is trustworthy quality service. When the unexpected happens, we offer an emergency on-call service available to our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Portable exchange FRP tanks, media rebedding, reverse osmosis cleaning, system sanitizations, calibrations, troubleshooting, and repairs to fulfill preventative maintenance contacts are just a few of the services we offer.

Maintain your purified water system with the help of our skilled specialists. Our company’s periodic service software application keeps track of the services that are needed for your purified water system and helps us schedule them with the customer to maintain regulatory and water quality compliance.

Pump Installation

Correct and complete installation practices can mean the difference between a pump that gives many years of trouble-free service and one that requires constant and repetitive maintenance. While the space available to us in this article denies us the opportunity to provide a detailed instruction on how to install all types of pumps, most of the information herein refers to the single-stage, end-suction design.
Three particular areas must be satisfied to ensure that a pump will provide long and reliable operation within a system.

Pump Re-winding

Repairing of electric motors when the winding fails is known as ‘Rewinding’, ie. unwinding the old rotor and stator windings and replace it with new ones.

It can be a cost-effective option especially when its much more cheaper than buying a new motor of same capacity

However depending on physical conditions , methods of rewinding and expertise of the technicians its specifications, as well as efficiency

Pump Services

Pumps can quit working for  various reasons. If your pump isn’t running properly, contact us.