Our team has been setting wells for more than Ten years. We carefully evaluate the geology of each site so we can design and engineer productive and sustainable wells for our clients. Our team oversees the drilling process from start to finish to ensure a coordinated effort. Our areas of expertise include:

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Our Pillars

Tosstech Engineering Solutions Ltd. (TES) is an engineering and consulting firm working on water projects for municipalities, industry and private clients. Since 2015, the company has provided clients with robust and cost-effective potable water treatment, storage, and distribution systems. Our objective is to develop the simplest system possible with the explicit goal of safe water.

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Our Treatment Systems

Treatment is likely the most unique aspect of any given water system. Be it high turbidity water from a stream or river or bio-bloom water from a pond, the solution must be safe yet simple to operate. We know that the treatment system choice must match the goals of those who will be responsible for running it. Our portfolio includes a wide range of system types, which allows us to offer individualized solutions to each customer. Through direct and contract operations, our design team can provide first hand guidance for each treatment option. Our areas of expertise include:

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Our Water Recycling Machine

The water recycling sector is the fastest growing sector in water. Our team uses a holistic (system wide) view which has resulted in lower cost, better acceptance and simpler operation. Our areas of expertise include:


Your experts in water treatment

With more than 8 years of experience in the industry, and an established and broad international network of knowledge intensive employees and partners, Toss Tech is built on solid expertise in chemicals, equipment, and consulting.

We provide complete solutions and services for optimal water treatment and water management and help municipalities and industries meet the stringent regulations for water and wastewater treatment processes.

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