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At our water engineering services and consultancy, we take a personalized approach for each and every one of our customers. We’ve always maintained the professional approach we started with in the way we collaborate with our clients.

Who We Are

Full-Service Water Engineers Solving Every Kind Of Water Related Problem.

Need a comprehensive water treatment program? We can handle everything from initial energy and water conservation reviews to monthly visits from an on-site treatment specialist who will test and make adjustments to your water related issues as needed.

How can we help you?

Borehole Installation and Repairs

We offer borehole services, Rehabilitation, installations, servicing and repairs. 

Water Treatment Services

We offer water treatment services for any water system. We also offer repairs  and  damages on water treatment systems.

Commercial Engineering and Consultancy

We offer  engineering and consultancy services .

Pre-treatment & Filtration

Pre-treatment is any water treatment step prior to the primary treatment process. Examples include removal of suspended particles to organics, chlorine, water softening or chemical injection. Individual stand-alone units or skid mounted – pre-piped – prewired packages.

Let Tosstech Engineering Solutions provide the right technology for your application.

Ultraviolet Disinfection (UV)

Ultraviolet Technology is used in various water treatment applications. The most common application is for disinfection or control of water borne micro-organisms. In Ultrapure High Purity Water UV technology can be used for chlorine/chloramine destruction, total organic carbon reduction and ozone destruction.


Reverse Osmosis is often considered the work horse of a water treatment system. RO units are designed to remove >98% of total dissolved solids. Tosstech Engineering Solutions offers a wide selection of commercial and pharmaceutical grade units.

Our units begin as small as 200 gallons per day up to over 100 gallons per minute.

Deionization (DI)

Deionization (DI) is also known as Portable Exchange Deionization or Service Deionization (SDI). Tosstech Engineering Solutions operates its own regeneration facility. To ensure the highest quality, each batch of mixed bed resin is tested for capacity and quality and identified with a specific batch number which allows us to track and document specific data for compliance purposes.

We are capable of providing dedicated tanks and resins to Pharmaceutical manufactures which ensure tanks and resins are designated for use only at their facility.

Controls & Instrumentation

Whether you prefer manual control or a completely automated water treatment system, we can design a controls package that meets your needs. We utilize the latest PLC and HMI technology.

Our engineering department will develop the complete PLC program, HMI design and electrical schematics for your system.

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Tosstech Engineering Solutions

Tosstech Engineering Solutions  team works directly with you from the early design stage through fabrication, installation and start-up to ensure all requirements meet or exceed the client’s water quality standards. Whether you need a small, under the counter deionized water system or a central manufacturing system with distribution piping loop and multiple use points, our engineering team can design the system to best suit your specific requirements.

In addition, our team can offer upgrade assistance as your needs grow. Put our expertise in mechanical/electrical engineering.

I have been working with tosstech for some time now and they have never disappointed
Mr. Nath
Good decision using their services that don't just fix your problem they teach you how to do it yourself.
Jackie Nana
Good Services and awesome customer support. They work standards are very high.
Kwesi - Kumasi

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