Borehole Drilling, Construction and Rehabilitation

Toss Tech Water Solutions has over 8 years of expertise in drilling construction, hydro-geological study, hydro-fracturing, and borehole restoration in Ghana and can provide borehole services for any situation with specific environmental requirements.


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Toss Tech Water Solutions provides a comprehensive borehole solution that includes borehole construction and layout, borehole automation, water sampling, water analysis, and technical support. You have the option of a 24/7 Call Center and/or a Professional Visit (PV) whether you are a corporation or an individual.

Our Approach

We conduct a trustworthy hydrogeological analysis using our professional knowledge, experience, and equipment to discover the optimum drilling places, understand the formation of the site, size an appropriate submersible pump, and price right.

The conclusion of a hydro-geological investigation is used to guide the drilling, construction, and development of a borehole. Phase 1 has been proven positive, and a point has been chosen. This phase’s activities include the following:
We ensure that the boreholes are safe and reliable, causing as little disturbance and disruption to your soil and surroundings as possible.
We bring our drilling rig to the site and set it up in an appropriate pre-agreed-upon location, drill a hole, and put a temporary casing into the rock-head to sustain the drilling.

Benefits Of Drilling a Borehole

  • Safe and clean drinking water that promotes your healthy lifestyle 
  • High water quality and pressure • Uninterrupted, all-year water supply
  • Healthy workforce, increased corporate productivity
  • Short maintenance cycle
  • Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
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