Water Optimization Process

With our broad knowledge of chemistry, equipment and water treatment solutions, we can help you optimize the performance of your existing water treatment process.

Analysis & Sampling

A foundation¬† for understanding the performance of your water treatment is sampling and analysis.You can trust that our expertise of sampling and analysis of water will give you valuable insight and allow you to take informative and qualified decisions about your water treatment. It is the first step we perform when we troubleshoot or optimize. Reach out to TossTECH Solution’s sampling & analysis team.

The Right Chemistry

Our approach is simple; we get the chemistry right and will go to great lengths to ensure our customers are happy. Let us help you optimize your chemicals selection, dosing and usage to improve profitability, secure compliance and keep protecting our environment. Typically, this involves a combination of on-site testing, plant trials as well as ongoing support. We cannot only master the chemistry, but we are also highly experienced i equipment and full solutions, which enables us to optimize exactly for need.

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