About Us

Tosstech Engineering Solutions Ltd, a Ghana corporation, was founded in March 2014. our corporate office, located 47 Nii Kodia Rd, Adenta West, Tosstech Engineering Solutions Ltd products and services are marketed throughout Ghana and all over the World. Our focus is ultrapure water applications and Engineering Services for many different markets, including biotechnology, laboratory, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and product formulation markets. We are a full-service organization offering initial needs assessment, system design, skid fabrication, installation, start-up, operator training, and validation. Our specialty is unparalleled service, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year which guarantees our clients the highest level of system performance in the industry. At Tosstech Engineering Solutions Ltd, our applications engineers are experts in the technologies of particulate filtration, carbon adsorption, water softening, reverse osmosis, deionization, ultraviolet disinfection, TOC reduction, ozonation, and submicron filtration. Our design/project engineers are specialists in providing turnkey packaged systems: skid-mounted, pre-piped, and pre-wired with PLC based master control panels. Our system fabricators and installers are certified. Tosstech Engineering Solutions Ltd. was founded upon, and remains committed to, providing innovative solutions to meet customer needs with quality products at reasonable prices while continuing to support our clients after the sale with prompt, dependable service.

We Solve Plumbing and Water Engineering Problems with Most Efficiency

Our company is structured to provide the agility that our customers need. When you need a water treatment solution, you need it now. We take pride in our ability to quickly cater to our customers needs and provide a treatment solution that keeps your operation running efficiently.

Professional Engineering

We are professional engineers, we go above and beyond.

Let us handle your treatment plant!
The stable performance of your installation can be guaranteed by Tosstech Engineering Solutions on-site operators, managers and maintenance technicians. Your operating and management teams will have direct access to knowledge and proven technologies, with Tosstech Engineering Solutions global network of experts and engineers.

Daily plant troubleshooting allows for immediate action to prevent effluent quality deteriorations and/or potential equipment damage.


Continuous plant monitoring and process adjustments contribute to stable biological process performance and the optimization of overall operating costs. As your partner, besides basic daily operations, Tosstech Engineering Solutionsteam responsibilities can also involve overall financial management of the treatment works and its staff.

Contact us to find out more about how your business can benefit from partnering with Tosstech Engineering Solutions for your wastewater or waste-to-energy plant operations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality solutions and service to meet all aspects of their ultrapure water treatment and Engineering services  needs while operating profitably for the well-being of our employees

Core Values

Integrity is defined as the ability to recognize what is right and do it even when no one is looking. All of our commercial dealings are conducted with honesty. In all we do and say, we strive for honesty, trust, and justice.

Why Choose Us?

Sustainability is something we take very seriously. We embrace our responsibility in providing eco-friendly water treatment solutions.


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